The Tempest Rain Band

David Brack


David started playing anything that had a string on it at the age of 8. His home growing up was filled with family singing folk, country and bluegrass music. David learned to sing from going to church with his family and listening to his sisters take voice lessons from his aunt. He says, “I was a pretty good alto until my voice changed.” 

In high school, David was part of several local country and southern rock bands. While attending college he majored in music the first year and received a scholarship to play guitar and bass in the jazz ensemble. He eventually quit college, moved to Nashville and stopped playing music after getting married and raising a family. As with most people who have music in their blood, David's music "bug" returned and he started playing again about 15 years ago. He has played music with Bluestrings Bluegrass, Blue Steel Rail, Highway 15 and Lori King & Junction 63. Currently living in St. Louis you may occasionally see him out with American Bluegrass Drive or other duet acts.  

Mike Aehle


Mike Aehle has been a constant force in the St. Louis bluegrass scene for decades playing banjo in various bands. One of his first exposures to bluegrass was at age 18, when he was encouraged to sing baritone in a jam session with Dub Crouch and Norman Ford. Norman turned to Aehle and said, “that's the best baritone I've ever heard." Shortly after that, Mike was asked to join the Over The Hill Gang to play bass and sing baritone. Mike says he didn't know how to play bass and didn't even own one, but he joined the band and quickly learned to play. After that, Mike learned to play banjo and has sat in with most bluegrass bands in the area. He had the opportunity to play two sets with Sam Bush, played numerous appearances with Mac Wiseman and most recently has played with Ginger Boatright's band while performing at Bean Blossom. As a retired professor from St. Louis Community College, he now enjoys teaching private banjo lessons at a local music store.

Rob Kindle


Rob Kindle’s entry into bluegrass began when his father handed him Tone Poems, a musical medley of two bluegrass giants, David Grisman and Tony Rice. After his father taught him to pick “Wildwood Flower” on guitar, the lifelong exploration into the bluegrass tradition began. 

After playing with various outfits in the Midwest, Kindle filled Old Salt Union’s guitar vacancy in 2016 and spent the next two years traveling from Portland East to Portland West and back along the line. In 2017, under the production of Allison Brown and Compass Records, Kindle laid down tracks for Old Salt Union’s self-titled album and continued playing with the band until 2018.

After Old Salt Union, Kindle took a break from life on the road and played regionally with various groups. Today, he is back in the saddle and working with Kim and the boys to deliver a new sound in contemporary bluegrass. 

Logan Perez


Logan Perez is originally from New York City, and re-located to Highland, IL, where he participated in band and choir programs. After graduation from Highland High School, Logan attended SWIC, where he studied bass and earned his associate degree in music technology. He then attended SIUE, where he studied Jazz Bass and Recording. Logan has been performing professionally in the STL area for the last ten years. You can find him performing in bluegrass, jazz, rock, and blues ensembles in the STL area. He has performed regionally with Julian Davis and the Situation. And is a member of a few local groups. Logan learned about bluegrass music when he got to college. He went to his first festival and has been hooked ever since. 

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